What people say about us…

The first time I attended Christ Church, I immediately felt its members were sincere in their efforts to embrace the teachings of God. I have been inspired by those who set an example of what it means to be a follower of Christ. I’ve witness the tireless efforts of CC members tending to those in need and advocating on behalf of those whose voices are often unheard. Pastor Susan, the Elders, and members are simply wonderful. I look forward to attending church and, when possible, participating in myriad programs and activities that lead to deepening one’s knowledge of God’s teachings.                                                  
-Elaine H.

I belong here because of the vibrant community of faith development that goes on here.  Together, we read the Bible and other challenging books that shape our views of what it means to bring God’s kingdom among us now, reflecting deeply on what it means to live our lives following the examples of Jesus’ life.  I am also supported by the church in the lobbying that I do with our U.S. Senators and Representatives on legislation to alleviate the worst aspects of poverty and hunger.”
-Jeff O.

Christ Church is a multicultural church community. Pastor Susan delivers bold, creative sermons that are refreshing and enriching and the music is always thoughtful and relevant.  Regardless of where you are in your faith journey, you are supported and encouraged to join in the pursuit of becoming a better Christian. Christ Church celebrates diversity in its congregation, interfaith gatherings, and studies. It’s uplifting!”  
-Carla W.

I love being part of Christ Church because it’s a group of people who actively try to live and deepen their faith and put it to work in our everyday lives.  Discernment is an important part of our experience– asking what it is that God is calling us to do, individually and together.
-Marian O.

Christ Church has nurtured my desire and need for a connection with God in a safe and supportive community of spiritual seekers. My personal faith and belief has grown and matured so I can walk in the world enriched knowing what is required of me. In addition this church has a long history of embracing the AA community and supporting their spiritual journey and growth on the path to recovery.  Thirteen groups enjoy our open space sanctuary. It feels like home.  It is a safe and supporting environment in which they can find a relationship with God and get better.
-Jamie B.

Thank you for hosting many of the meetings for the Sunrise/Sunset Group of Alcoholics Anonymous.  As a recovering alcoholic, I can attest to the enormous healing that occurs at Christ Church every week.  The Sanctuary is a wonderfully spiritual place.  People from all walks of life gather and find solace from the scourge of alcoholism and addiction.  May God always bless Christ Church and its congregation for hosting such an important ministry! Thank you.
-Michael P.

I like Christ Church because the services are organized and inclusive. Sunday worship has beautiful music and poetry. Pastor Susan is always welcoming. She puts effort into her preaching and often uses creative props and dramatizations during sermons. The church grounds are inviting and wonderful. If I stroll around the property I can see a nature sanctuary, a beehive, and an outdoor labyrinth used for reflection and meditation.
-Kathy M.

I first joined CPC almost 10-yrs ago when we lived in Basking Ridge.  Although for the past 6-yrs we live in Asbury Park, I’m still a Christ Church member & Pastor Susan is my ‘cyber rev.’ Corresponding regularly about her daily inspirational email is a blessing I count on.
-Marty M.

As individual as each member of Christ Church is, we have two things in common; we love God and our church, and we care greatly for each other. In other words, “we’ve got each other’s back.
-Diana P.