What to Expect

Expect to be immediately welcomed, very likely by Pastor Susan.  We are a small cadre of Jesus followers, so your presence with us will be noticed and celebrated as we gently attend to you finding your comfortable space among us.  Our worship has a casual feel full of music as well as meditative silence, open to laughter and liturgical movement and generally free of “churchy” jargon.  Sermons take many forms–sometimes traditional, sometimes a conversation between preacher and congregation, sometime dramatic representations of Bible people and stories in which the worshipers may participate.  We are always ready to welcome children to worship with a story from the animals of Fantasy Forest or a Bible story from Godly Play. Christ Presbyterian Church is not your parents’ or grandparents’ church but we are committed to mining the whole tradition of the Church Universal and finding new expressions of faith to enhance our 21st century relationship with God as we know God by the Spirit and life of Jesus Christ.

What people say about us:

“Christ Church celebrates diversity in its congregation, interfaith gatherings, and studies.  It’s uplifting!”

-Carla W.