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The Wild Goose Festival

This year the Wild Goose Festival is looking at the stories that shape us and shape our world. Because maybe, together, we can reshape them.

We all live by stories, whether we realize it or not…our personal stories of things we’ve done, or that were done to us, corners we turned, chances we took, mistakes we made.

We also live by the stories that permeate our culture, framing stories like big glass windows – we see the world through them, but sometimes barely even know they are there.

At Wild Goose, we’ve always been about making space for courageous, imaginative, and participative social justice work, unleashed creative expression, disruptive spiritual practice, as well as astonishing and inspiring music and art.

This summer we’ll be doing all of that in the context of STORY. Asking, what are the stories we’re living by? Are they stories of hope or scarcity? Stories of justice or violence? Stories of fear or love?

We’ll bring all our histories and narratives, together, to tell stories and retell stories, hear stories and heal stories, question stories, and unravel the threads of the stories that shape us, even rule us…and perhaps create new ones.


Dear Friends in Christ,

You don’t have to go to North Carolina and sleep in a tent at the Wild Goose Festival to consider what stories you tell yourself about life and how they shape you. The media tell us stories everyday– about what to buy to live happily ever after; about who to trust and what to be afraid of; about who you are in the scheme of things and how to make your mark in the world.

So I invite you to join in contemplating and creating stories with those of us who are in North Carolina sleeping in tents and sharing stories. What stories give you hope? What stories inspire you? What story are you creating for the future; for whom; and what part do you play in it?

Next week we will begin considering the story of EVERYTHING “in the beginning” as God creates it and discovery the story of goodness.

~Pastor Susan

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