Labyrinth Walk Against Racism After Charlottesville

“Come walk, pray and break bread in solidarity with people of many faiths to gather courage and guidance for facing the racism that threatens our nation,” the Rev. Susan E. Joseph Rack said in an invitation for the event. 

Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom Holds Jewish, Muslim Vigil to Raise Voices in Prayer

Tap into The Breeze

Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom vigil draws 60 people at Christ Presbyterian Church in Bridgewater

Courier News

Vigil was one of 20 synchronized events held nationwide, promoting peace and friendship among people of diverse faiths. Area rabbis sign ‘Jewish Communal Response’ calling for rescinding of President Trump’s immigrant travel ban   

Bringing Good News: 40 Stories of Congregations and the Ministries that Transformed Them 

~Henry Simmons and Rita Boyer

“…hear the stories of those churches who sought new and creative ways to expand their ministry….I think you will agree that these programs should be appreciated, celebrated and imitated.”

~Forward by Brian Blount, President and Professor of New Testament, Union Presbyterian Seminary

Insha’Alla Initiative

Results: the power to end poverty

Congress Letting Down Poor Americans

Feminism and Faith Empowering Women

“Male and female are both created in God’s image.”


Faith and Environment
“This is a stewardship issue that affects not only the stewardship of resources but the people who depend on those resources.”

Keystone Pipeline
“Because this has been so politicized, we are bickering over who’s going to win the fight rather than what is a healthy way for our country to pursue a long-term solution.”

Interfaith Friendship

Bridgewater church uses 9/11 walk to promote religious acceptance

“It’s a way we can live together rather than fall victim to fear and suspicion.”