Is there more?

Seekers FAQ

Is the traditional church no longer satisfying your spiritual longing?

  • Is a narrow Christian faith scope becoming increasingly irrelevant to your understanding of God’s world and your place in a global community?
  • Wondering if Jesus is the prophet for you, if it really matters to call Christ God?

Christ Presbyterian Church as an Emerging Christian Community welcomes broad exploration as you seek relationship with God.  We offer a faith community in which it is safe to share differing understandings and experiences of God.  We are unafraid to be taught by other religious traditions such as our local Muslim and Jewish communities through regular interfaith dialogue.

Trusting in God to guide each person’s spiritual journey, we value curiosity and risk taking in matters of faith– wondering what new thing God will do next.

Christ Church has nurtured my desire and need for a connection with God in a safe and supportive community of spiritual seekers. My personal faith and belief has grown and matured so I can walk in the world enriched knowing what is required of me… It is a safe and supporting environment in which they can find a relationship with God…

-Jamie B.