Interfaith Friendships

“Shouldn’t it be possible to have a strong Christian identity that is strongly benevolent toward people of other faiths, excepting them not in spite of the religion that they love, but with the religion they love?”

~Brian McLaren

At Christ Church the answer is an enthusiastic “YES.” Since the 10th anniversary of 9/11 when we and our neighbors joined in a 911 Walk for Hope and Courage, Christ Church has actively sought friendship with the Muslim community in order to be Christ to our neighbor.

Christ Church enjoys a growing relationship with the Al Falah Center of Bridgewater and the Peace Islands Institute.  Opportunities for fellowship and learning with our neighbors of other faiths include Abraham’s Table discussions among adherents to the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

The Al Falah community currently offers their prayers during the month of Ramadan in our sanctuary until their own sanctuary is ready. We thank God for the peace and understanding that is growing among us through these friendships.

“If we are, indeed serious about worshiping One God who is the recipient of all prayer, then that we call this One God by different names and pray in different ways need not be a source of discord but rather a celebration of God’s glorious gift of diversity.”

~Pastor Susan Joseph Rack

Interfaith Friendship Prayer Service