In 2012 Christ Church was officially declared a GreenFaith Sanctuary.  We continue to take our advocacy as Spiritual Environmental Leaders in our community very seriously through:

  • Our worship and spiritual practices,
  • the stewardship of our building and grounds,
  • offering community environmental education opportunities, and
  • advocating for environmental justice.


Christ Church’s GreenFaith Mission Statement

    • Out of gratitude to our Loving Creator, who made this garden planet our home and entrusts it to our care, we commit to “demonstrate responsible stewardship honoring God’s earth, its resources, people and all creatures.”
    • As disciples of Jesus Christ, we “welcome the joy and accept the work” of supporting our neighbors to care for this good earth and its people by our own example at church, at home, at work and at play.
    • Confident in the power of the Spirit of Life, we hold firm the hope that God will use us as human co-creators to sustain all creatures.

monarch-caterpillar-180x180Coming to Christ Church Spring 2015: Monarch Watch Pollinators Garden!

Mary, a master gardener, has been preparing our church grounds to be hospitable to local pollinators (like our honey bees). With a grant of milkweek plants from Monarch Watch, she will establish a Monarch Way Station meadow on the west edge of our property.


img_9307-180x180Following the collapse of our colony in the winter of 2013-2014, we committed to creating gardens to support pollinating insects. With the planting of many native species in the fall of 2014, we anticipate beautiful flowers, a vigorous hive and delicious honey.