Christians from the Cradle FAQ

Is Christ Presbyterian Church you grandmother’s church?  In a word, NO, but she might recognize a prayer or hymn occasionally.  Our Christian community values faith expressions mined from the whole church across denominations and centuries and even includes interfaith elements.  Worship includes:

  • dialogue sermons engaging in conversation with the preacher
  • dramatic sermons when the “Bible people” show up
  • traditional style sermons
  • self-directed worship and multi-sensory experiences
  • labyrinth walking to greet the light of Advent
  • Maundy Thursday Passover commemoration of Jesus’ Last Supper
  • Russian Orthodox Easter liturgy
  • Social justice liturgies from Wild Goose Worship Group
  • Interfaith worship with our local Muslim community
  • Music includes traditional, world, Taize, contemporary and folk.

All these forms are used in the service of expressing our Christian faith in our ever- changing world and to enrich our relationship and understanding of how to love all people in the name of Christ.

The 8 core spiritual practices of our Covenant of Commitment are means by which our faith community supports serious Christian discipleship that brings to fruition God’s mission among us.