English as a Second Language (ESL)

“I started teaching adult ESL because someone asked me to — there was an urgent need for a replacement teacher at a church-based ESL program.  To my surprise, I found myself transformed in the classroom, able to do things I had never dreamed of.  I found that I had a gift for reaching beginning students, who lack confidence and often have had little formal education.   I found that there was a need for informal, less school-like classes, and that I could begin and build a successful program with very few resources.  I fell in love with my students, and feel blessed to know them.  I think of teaching as God’s gift to me that I can share with them.  I truly believe that when I entered the classroom I found the work that God called me to do.”

       ~Marian Olson Founder of Plainfield English School

Christ Church ESL Mission Statement

In the name of Christ…

The mission of Plainfield English School is to provide free, effective, efficient instruction in basic English to adult immigrants, in an informal atmosphere that fosters cooperation, self-reliance, critical thinking, and life-long learning.

Become an ESL Volunteer!

Volunteers are needed to assist in the adult English classes at Plainfield English School, located at the United Church of Christ, 220 West 7th Street, Plainfield.

Classes are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings, 9:30-noon,

It’s easy!

No class preparation required.

Just come and help students as they practice.

Demonstrate exercises, play language games,

model correct pronunciation, and most importantly,

converse in English with the students.

It’s convenient!
Can’t attend regularly? No problem! Come when you can.
Every time you are there, you will help students learn.

It’s fun!

We laugh a lot in these classes.
Adults learn best when they are relaxed and engaged.
It’s rewarding!
The students will always be glad to see you!
You’ll gain a whole new community of friends.

Read the Founder’s Message: “What Do You Have?”