Marks of Call

Christ Church embraces a “missional” outlook. We participate in what Christ is already doing to heal our local and global community by engaging people’s unique calling to service.

What people say about us:

“I love being part of Christ Church because it’s a group of people who actively try to live and deepen their faith and put it to work in our everyday lives.  Discernment is an important part of our experience– asking what it is that God is calling us to do, individually and together. “                      ~Marian O.


What is Missional?

Missional is not:

  • a new, sexy word for mission projects
  • only making charitable contributions to worthy causes

 Being Missional:

  • is a way of being that brings God’s mission into action in our lives.
  • involves putting our bodies and livelihood into service as Christ’s hands and feet in this world. requires becoming intimately involved in the work of healing the hurts of our local and global community.

Do I Have a Calling?

  • Every person is blessed with a calling to participate in what God is already doing to heal this beloved yet broken world. Our faith community encourages and supports each person as they discover their unique gifts and discern their unique calling to participate in God’s healing work in this world.

Marks of a Call

  • A call is good news, not bad news. It reflects a yearning in you, for which you have energy and excitement. It stirs you, not an “ought” or a “should.”  It is something you want to do but it may be hard to do.  Energy comes when you think of doing it.
  • A call comes with a sense of mystery and awe, not from an ego need. It is God who is at work in you. God within you is connecting.  You are being drawn.  It is not yours to define or possess. It is not your ego seeking status or trying to prove your worth.  It probably feels like this wasn’t your idea, either.
  • A call is part of who you are meant to be. A call will not violate who you are, but expresses your truest self.
  • A call is persistent. It won’t let go of you, even when you try to push it way.  It is an inner tug that won’t go away
  • A call can be simply stated, but it’s seen in global terms.  Like “feed the hungry” or “enrich marriages,” it relates to a big issue, a global concern, that then needs to be articulated specifically and locally, such as “start a soup kitchen” or “offer seminars for couples.”
  • A call always seems impossible. We react, who am I to do this?  This is beyond me!  Our false self balks; there is much resistance.  We need grace in order to do it.  God doesn’t call us to something we can do on our own. The impossibility of the call necessitates that we rely on God’s power and know that it is not we who are at work but God. The call is impossible by yourself.
  • A call is risky. We never know for sure if we’ve heard the call right.  One must be willing to fail, or to succeed, and let others do so.  What if this really takes off?  What will be asked of me?  We are called to be faithful, not successful.  Out of ashes can come new life.
  • A call is costly. Growing up, taking responsibility, and paying all for the treasure in the field – it costs everything.  All of you.  It means saying no to other things. Also, it is very costly to NOT follow call.  To refuse call is a refusal to be who we’re meant to be.
  • A call is counter-cultural. Jesus challenged the social, political and economic realities of his day.  Christ leads us out of the addictions of our culture. This is part of the impossibility, and the need.  There is the possibility of persecution.  A call will not seem rational according to the culture.
  • A call is evolutionary. As relationship with God deepens, we may be led into something different or led deeper.   Stop following the call when the energy shifts.  Let go and follow the new so energy can keep flowing.  Trust God to replace your current deal.
  • A call needs to become corporate. It is not something God calls you to do by yourself.  At least one other person needs to sense the same call, which may take time to discover.  Infinitely more gifts are offered when the call is corporate.

From Church of the Savior, Washington D.C.