The Rebirth of a Christian Faith Community

In 2005, we were richly blessed with the urgent need to change. With a shrinking congregation and a serious case of the spiritual blahs, we discovered that the traditional programs and missions of our church lacked the fire of vision. Our connection to  the needs of our surrounding community had grown weak.  We were unclear about our problems and unclear about solutions.  But we did know that we were going to change from a dying institution to one that inspired people to transform their lives.

Our period of discernment culminated in the adoption of our transforming Covenant of Commitment and Spiritual Practices.  We encourage all who worship with us to journey both internally and externally.  This spiritual reformation supports discerning one’s unique call to become intimately involved in the work of healing the hurts of our local and global community.

We bring God’s mission into action by putting our bodies into service. We are Christ’s hands and feet in this world. Current callings includes creating the public and political will to end poverty, enriching the lives of immigrants by teaching English as a Second Language and supporting and strengthening services to survivors of domestic abuse.

While the congregation was established over 50 years ago, our commitment to becoming an emerging faith community is a testament to our willingness to be driven by the Spirit, rather than traditional programs and processes. Together as a faith community, we support each other in our daily attempts to become followers of Jesus’ Way.