Eight Core Spiritual Practices

Christ Presbyterian Church – An Emerging Christian Community

The Practices are a part of our church’s Covenant of Commitment. They are not an ala carte menu of spiritual behavioral recommendations but rather a holistic and integrated approach to growing in discipleship to Christ.  Neither are the Practices meant to be a list of rigid regulation, but stepping stones on your spiritual path to growth in Christ.


We demonstrate our desire to commit deeply to Jesus Christ by:

  • Expanding our spiritual life through inward journeying
  • Becoming an informed and mature Christian
  • Working to heal pain in the world  through our community commitments
  • Welcoming the joy and accepting the work involved in discipleship

Our Core Spiritual Practices Are

  1. ____ On-time weekly worship
  2. ____ Undertake an inward journey including at least thirty minutes of daily prayer with an emphasis on listening
  3. ____ Participate in planned study on the Bible, theology, ethics and Christian spirituality.
  4. ____ Demonstrate responsible stewardship honoring God’s earth, its resources, people and all creatures.
  5. ____ Give sacrificially, proportionally and regularly to CPC beginning with 3% of income as a minimum goal and generous in-kind giving.
  6. ____ Discover one’s spiritual gifts and unique call to mission with the aid of the community.
  7. ____ Commit to participating in a mission group consisting of people with a shared calling and common passion to serve Christ through a specific ministry.
  8. ____ Be accountable to a compassionate spiritual partner for these Core Practices.