Covenant of Commitment

During a period of group discernment and great renewal, our church adopted a Covenant of Commitment and Spiritual Practices to help us describe why and how we join together in community to serve, worship and study.  Through the Spiritual Practices, we are offered practical guidance on how to become a follower of Jesus’ Way. The Covenant and Spiritual Practices encourage our participation in a transforming faith journey.

The intent of our Covenant of Commitment

“Christ Presbyterian Church is committed to fostering and supporting each person on their path of spiritual growth.  Although our focus is to maintain the integrity of the values contained in the Covenant, we pledge to honor and respect each person’s level of commitment taking into account circumstances which may prevent adherence to some of our Practices.  We affirm that as a spiritual community we seek growth, not perfection, and we welcome all in love.  We are hopeful that each of you will form a stronger bond with God and the community of Christ on your journey.”

~Elder Joe Cheben

Covenant of Commitment

Christ Church: An Emerging Christian Community

God calls us to embody the Gospel by preparing, nurturing and sending out disciples to bear the diversity of God’s love into the world.

  • We prepare our hearts, minds and initiative in a faith community committed to imitating the ways of Jesus in service of God’s mission.
  • We nurture our relationship with God and neighbor through worship and spiritual practices; discerning the Holy Spirit’s promptings and surrendering to Christ’s transformative love.
  • We send out disciples empowered by the Spirit to be Christ’s Body, intimately involved in healing the world’s hurts according to our unique spiritual gifts.

In community, we provide a nurturing environment in which disciples discover their calling and engage their spiritual gifts.

  • We are called to membership in a faith community church that supports serious discipleship to Christ Jesus.
  • In our interactions with the world, we will be experienced as a community of justice, compassion, reconciliation and hope.
  • We will be an open and affirming community that is without racial, cultural, economic or social barriers.
  • We will become informed and mature Christians.


  • We are called to give Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, practical priority in our daily life.
  • We are called to confront injustice according to Jesus’ teachings and stand with victims in love.
  • We are called to encourage small groups to form around their common passion to serve Christ in specific ways.
  • We demonstrate our desire to commit deeply to Jesus Christ by welcoming the joy and accepting the work involved in discipleship.


  • The Spirit faithfully gives guidance to those seeking God through spiritual practices.
  • We offer to, and support each other in, these practices so we may strengthen our relationships with God, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and the grace-starved world.
  • We respect each other’s choices regarding personal spiritual growth.


  1. On-time weekly worship.
  2. Undertake an inward journey including at least thirty minutes of daily prayer with an emphasis on listening.
  3. Participate in planned study of the Bible, theology, ethics & Christian spirituality.
  4. Demonstrate responsible stewardship honoring God’s earth, its resources, people and all creatures.
  5. Give sacrificially, proportionally and regularly to Christ Presbyterian Church beginning with 3% of income as a minimum goal and generous in-kind giving.
  6. Discover one’s spiritual gifts and unique call to mission with the aid of the community.
  7. Commit to participating in a mission group consisting of people with a shared calling and common passion to serve Christ through a specific ministry.
  8. Be accountable to a compassionate spiritual partner for these practices.

Download the Covenant of Commitment Form