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Ash Wednesday Worship: March 6th at 7:00pm

Service of Meditation Imposition of Ashes

Coals of Fire


I rather like the idea

of heaping coals of fire

on my enemy’s head, God.

It resonates with how I feel sometimes.

I suspect the psalmist felt it too—

all those passages about splattered brains

and Red Sea drownings.

Some commentaries tell me that it’s really about loving my enemy,

about providing a source of heat to ignite a fire that has gone out.

But I prefer my fantasy to that.

I picture you, God, in a huge, moated castle.

Someone you don’t like is approaching,

and you’re sitting on the battlements

above the drawbridge

in front of a roaring fire,

poised to pull back a lever

and release burning coals on your enemies’ heads!

Maybe it’s me I picture on the battlements, not you.

All my experience tells me

that you are just and loving

and that you are more likely to

invite your enemies into supper

and talk with them into the night.

Blow away my fantasies, God.

Breathe your disturbing reality

into my life.

Tell again the story of your love.

Ruth Burgess

Friends and Enemies



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